New Construction Specs

The Gables are affordable, quality manufactured homes prebuilt in a climate-controlled environment. They are proudly constructed in the USA by Marlette Homes, in Lewiston, PA. Marlette has been building affordable, quality manufactured and modular homes for over 60 years. Using only the highest quality building materials, each home goes through numerous quality inspections. They are constructed using quality, name brand components and proven techniques that maintain high quality craftsmanship to insure you get the best value.

Your newly constructed Gables home will be set on a concrete slab. To begin the process, a technique called a monolith pour is used. Monolithic means “all in one pour”. The foundation is constructed in one single pour that is made up of a concrete slab with thicker areas under load bearing walls, with the footings poured at the same time.

Next, your home will be delivered and set on the slab. The experienced team at Herb Redl Construction will then build an 8” block foundation around the perimeter of your house. Your home’s utilities will then be connected. You will have Town of Poughkeepsie water, sewer and natural gas. A 95% efficient natural gas heating system is installed in each Gables home.

Your home will come equipped with a concrete poured sidewalk leading to your front door and 369 sq. ft. of blacktop driveway. A lamppost with your house number on it will be installed. The Gables provides landscaping, complete with a fully seeded lawn, a shade tree and 6 to 8 shrubs planted in front of your home. You may add flowers after you move in.

Included with your home is a beautiful one-car garage attached to your home. It will be built using the traditional stick-built method, with a full foundation and footings.