Rules and Regulations for The Gables

An Exclusive Manufactured Housing Community


  1. Each resident/homeowner is responsible for the overall appearance of the home site. Each resident shall keep their lot clean, neat, uncluttered and free of debris at all times. Mowing, trimming, weeding, watering and general care of the lawns, trees and shrubs on each lot are the responsibility of the resident. Each resident is responsible for all trees and landscaping on their respective lot as well as any pest or rodent control. Exterior trim of the home must be kept in good condition with no wood deterioration. All rotted wood must be replaced, i.e. door jambs, door casings, porches. All garage doors, side, rear and front doors must be kept in good condition.
  2. To avoid damage to underground utility lines, permission must be obtained from Dig Safely New York 811 (800-962-7962) before any digging. 811 will come to your home and mark all underground utilities. There is no charge for this service.
  3. Each homeowner shall maintain their home site and home exterior including but not limited to any sheds, porch, fencing and deck to Community Standards established by management. Each homeowner shall maintain their respective lawns, landscaping, shrubs and trees in a healthy and manicured condition. Lawns may not exceed 4” in height, become barren of grass or predominantly composed of weeds. In the event that management needs to provide maintenance to your home site to meet community standards, after notice to the homeowner of the required maintenance, if you fail to perform the required maintenance within 10 days from notification, we may have the necessary work performed and shall provide a bill at prevailing rates for such service. Lawn mowing and trimming will be charged at the prevailing rate per visit. All fees shall be considered “additional rent”.
  4. The Gables shall take responsibility to maintain landscaping, mowing and snowplowing of common areas. Under no circumstances shall a resident or homeowner allow or permit grass clippings, snow or leaves to be blown or placed on any of the Gables roads.
  5. In the interest of maintaining the beauty of the community, no clothes lines, swing sets, basketball sets, trampolines, jungle gyms, solar panels, hot tubs, car ports or any type of athletic or recreational equipment will be permitted. No hammocks may be placed on the sides or front of the house. No fire pits are permitted.
  6. Each home is provided with an 8’ x 10’ wooden storage building, unless a garage has been chosen. No other storage buildings will be permitted without management’s prior written permission. In the event permission is granted, the storage shed shall be sided with the same color as the home and the shingles shall match the home. No prefab sheds are permitted. All sheds are to be stick built and similar to the other sheds in the community as to size and construction.
  7. Firewood must be kept in storage shed, garage or neatly stacked at rear of home.
  8. To void unsightly obstructions, storage sheds or garages are provided for lawn care equipment, barbeques, tools, etc. Please keep all patios and decks neat and free of debris. Insurance regulations also prohibit barbeques from being on front porches.
  9. No swimming pools or hot tubs will be permitted. Solar panels are not permitted. The roof systems are not designed for the extra weight/load.
  10. Fencing is permitted only as follows. Back yard fencing can only be composed of white vinyl picket with a maximum height of 3 ½ feet. Patio and deck fencing can enclose patios and/or decks. It must be composed of white vinyl fencing and it cannot exceed five (5) feet in height except that a six (6) foot fence is allowed provided that the top has a minimum of one (1) foot of lattice or scalloped material or picket design. Under no circumstances shall any fencing extend from the front of the house to the street.
  11. Window air conditioners need prior approval from the management.
  12. In order to maintain overall appearance of the community, periodic inspections of the home site and exterior of home may be conducted. Each homeowner hereby consents to such inspections. In the event of any violations, the homeowner will be notified in writing. All violations must be corrected within 10 days. Please also see VIOLATIONS section hereof.
  13. The Gables management and its residents must comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations of the State of New York, County of Dutchess and Town of Poughkeepsie.
  14. Location, setback and final position of your home will be under the sole discretion of the Gables management.
  15. Our goal is to maintain the integrity and aesthetic character of a well-maintained community. Prior to any construction including but not limited to screened in porches and rooms, garages, fences, patios or additional rooms, etc., drawings and specifications must be submitted to management for approval. Management reserves the right to impose conditions upon the manner of construction, type of construction and architectural review requirements. Once approval is granted, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain any permits that may be required from the Town of Poughkeepsie prior to starting construction. Homeowners recognize and agree that management has the right to demand and require the removal of any construction or renovation if the same was created without the prior consent and authorization of the management.
  16. Lawn ornaments, garden ornaments, reflectors, area lighting and any other personal property placed outside the home must have prior approval of the management. No more than two (2) lawn and garden ornaments shall be permitted. Sticks or rods placed along the driveway or road for snow removal must be taken down by April 15th of each year and can be placed on or after November 15th of each year.
  17. Storage of fuel oil or gas is strictly prohibited with the exception of gas cans for lawn equipment, which shall be stored in the shed. Fire Code regulations prohibit gas or any other type of grill on porches.
  18. Please be considerate of your neighbors. Unreasonable noise is not permitted between the hours of 9:00 pm and 8:00 am. Each homeowner shall also observe the noise ordinance in the Town of Poughkeepsie Code.
  19. Please avoid trespassing upon another resident’s home site.
  20. Children’s toys, play sets and other items must be stored inside the home, garage or shed when not in use by the children.
  21. Utility trailers, RVs, campers, lettered commercial vehicles, etc. shall not be stored in driveways. These items must be stored in garages or the outside storage area created by management.
  22. Painting of porches and other exterior areas of the home or improvements is permitted without permission if the color is white paint or brown stain or exactly matches the color of the home. Use of any other color must be approved by management in advance.
  23. In the event any home is destroyed or damaged by fire, catastrophe, water damage or by any other reason, only another manufactured home may be erected on any lot subject to Landlord’s architectural review and approval of the home manufacturer. Only single story homes are permitted. The Gables community was created to be a single story manufactured home community with aesthetic values and Landlord reserves all rights to approve any changes.
  24. Any exterior modifications to your home or site require prior approval by management. If approval is granted, the homeowner must hire licensed and insured contractors and the homeowner shall be responsible for all necessary permits.
  25. There shall be no garage sales, yard sales, tag sales or moving sales permitted. Only estate sales conducted inside the home or the community garage sale shall be permitted.
  26. Gardens
    • Homeowners are permitted to have and maintain a garden at their home subject to the provisions of section.
    • Gardens must be located behind the home.
    • Plots cannot be left to fallow or be unused for 10 days or longer.
    • Ripe produce must be picked regularly. Rotting fruit on the vine or in the dirt attracts insects, bugs and rats that are destructive to your Plot and to those around you.
    • Plots must be kept free of weeds, pests and disease.
    • Plants cannot exceed 6 feet in height.
    • No varieties of trees can grow in the Plots.
    • All gardeners must keep their respective area clean and neat. Trash shall be placed in the gardener’s home receptacles.
    • All Plots must be cleared by August 1st.


  1. Your lot fee is due and payable on the first day of each month to Herb Redl LLC. Please pay by check, money order, or electronic Funds Transfer, which is available for your convenience.
  2. Insufficient funds will be charged $35.00 per occurrence. In the event two (2) rental checks are returned due to NSF within a one (1) year period, we will no longer accept personal checks. Bank checks, money orders or cash will only be accepted for payment in that event. If the Landlord shall receive from or on behalf of the Tenants any sum less than the full amount then due and payable, the Landlord may but shall not be obligated to accept the same. If Landlord elects to accept any such payment it may without waiving any Event of Default: (i) apply such payment on account of the Rent; Added Rent or any amount payable hereunder; or (ii) hold same or any part thereof, without liability to interest, in a special account from time to time apply the same or any part thereof as specified above.
  3. Our ability to provide you services rests, in large part, on the prompt payment of your monthly lot fees. If, for any reason, we fail to receive your monthly lot fees on or before the close of business on the 10th day of each month, you shall be charges a late fee set forth in the Lease.


  1. There shall be no selling, soliciting, peddling or commercial enterprises conducted within the community which shall include any type of home occupation.


  1. Please provide management with 30 days written notice so that we can assist you if needed and to prepare a closing package for the transfer of home ownership.
  2. Each resident is responsible for cleaning up any debris from the home site should your home be moved. Each homeowner is required, prior to moving, to furnish the Gables with a Certificate of Insurance showing sufficient insurance coverage to cover any damages, which may occur, should the home be moved. Such insurance certificate shall name The Gables, Inc. and Herb Redl LLC as an additional insured.
  3. No new home may be erected or installed on your leased site without Gables management approval.
  4. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep and maintain all records, leases and the title to their respective home. These documents will be required for you to transfer ownership of your home. In the event that the Gables office is requested to supply any documents, the requesting party shall be responsible for an administrative fee and any disbursements for such service.


  1. If you sell your home, the new buyer must be approved by the management prior to closing. You have the right to sell your home on site either by yourself, through the Gables sales office or a broker of your choosing provided:
    1. The financial responsibility of the purchaser is deemed satisfactory by the Gables management. A homeowner desiring to sell a home shall mail notice to management and request accompanied by the following information: (a) the terms of the sale; (b) the name and address of the purchaser; and (c) a copy of the proposed contract of sale. Management may request additional information from tenant as will enable management to determine whether consent should be given or denied, and
    2. The purchaser executes a lease with us; and
    3. The broker selected is licensed in the State of New York to sell manufactured homes; and
    4. For sale signs must be approved by management and will be limited to only one (1) sign.
    5. The Gables will assist you to sell your home for a 4% fee.
    6. Any arrears due under the Lease Agreement must be brought current.
  2. If you sell your home, you will have to contact the home office prior to closing to make arrangements for a closing package to be prepared which will include an Assignment of Lease and final water meter reading. You will be charged an administrative fee for the preparation of the closing package.


  1. Homeowners may not sublet their homes without prior written notice to management and management’s approval. A sublet term must be at least one year in length. Homeowners will be responsible for overseeing that their tenant abides by all Rules and regulations and the Homeowner shall remain fully liable and responsible for all terms and provision of their Lease with the Gables and the Rules and Regulations.
  2. A homeowner desiring to sublet a home shall mail notice to management and request accompanied by the following information: (a) the term of the sublease; (b) the name of the proposed sublessee; (c) the business and permanent home address of the sublessee; (d) the tenant’s reason for subleasing; (e) the tenant’s address for the term of the sublease; (f) the written consent of any co-tenant of the lease with management; and (g) a copy of the proposed sublease agreement. Management may request additional information from tenant as will enable management to determine whether consent should be given or denied.
  3. Airbnb or similar short-term rentals are not permitted.


  1. The community will strictly enforce a 10 MPH speed limit. Reckless driving is prohibited.
  2. Pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way.
  3. Only licensed passenger cars, pickup trucks or small vans with NO commercial lettering on the vehicle shall be kept or maintained at the home site. A separate designated parking area will be provided for parking travel trailers, RVs, campers, commercial vehicles, boats, and unlicensed vehicles. This area is for residents only. Gables management will not be responsible for any personal property damaged.
  4. Unregistered or unlicensed motor vehicles shall not be permitted in the community.
  5. No recreational vehicles including but not limited to mini bikes, scooters, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, mopeds, RVs etc. will be permitted to operate within community property. Separate accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis for persons with disabilities. In such event, application must be made to Management for approval.
  6. Unauthorized vehicles or recreational vehicles in violation of the rules and regulations will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  7. Extra parking is available for guests at designated areas. Overnight parking on the streets and parking on the grass of the home site is strictly prohibited. Driving and/or parking vehicles on lawns is also prohibited.
  8. Absolutely NO auto repairs are permitted by homeowners on their leased lot or any recreational or common area within the Gables community.
  9. No person shall be allowed to operate a motor vehicle on Gables property without a valid driver’s license.
  10. When dropping off children at authorized bus stops, children and adults must remain off the lawns and sites of others and are prohibited from blocking any driveway.


  1. It is each homeowner’s responsibility to make known to your guests the rules and regulations of the community and each homeowner is responsible for any violations of their guests.
  2. One family is permitted to reside in any home and no more than 2 people per bedroom are permitted to reside in any home.
  3. Management will be happy to provide parking arrangements for long term guests.
  4. Guests may park on the street for a maximum of 12 hours but not overnight. During snow emergencies, guests must park in off street areas designated by management. Please note that any vehicle in violation of the snow emergency policy will be towed at the homeowner’s expense.


  1. Anyone wishing to use the clubhouse and/or pool needs to fill out the Clubhouse and Pool Agreement. If anyone is in arrears in rent or taxes, management has the discretion to refuse summer membership. When you join, you will be given a more extensive list of rules and regulations. The agreement and the rules and regulations are the result of several meetings between management and the Clubhouse committee. The committee, acting on behalf of the residents of the Gables was very active and instrumental in developing these documents.
  2. As a member of the Clubhouse, you may rent the main room for private use for a fee. You will need to contact the Sales Office for current pricing and information. This fee is in addition to a check that will be held to cover any damage that might occur. If there is no damage, the check will be returned in full. The renting of the main room does NOT include the use of the exercise room or pool.


  1. Each resident is provided with two garbage cans upon the original purchase from the Gables. Recycling bins are also available at the office, one bin per resident is provided by the Gables. For health reasons, each garbage can must be kept clean and lined with a plastic bag. Garbage and recycling pick up is on Monday of each week. Other than trash pickup days, all cans must be kept in your storage building or garage. Damaged, lost or stolen cans must be replaced with the cans of the same color. Cardboard boxes to be recycled must be broken down.
  2. A grey Rubbermaid storage container may be used to store garbage cans along the side of the house. These containers must be placed in an inconspicuous location along the side of the house.
  3. No burning of leaves, trash or other material will be allowed.


  1. Cable is provided and available at each site. Homeowner must make arrangements for hookup with the cable provider and for payment of any fees associated with use.
  2. External radio and television antennas are not permitted. Satellite dishes up to a maximum size of 24 inches will be permitted. Roof loads created by the manufacturer will not support the installation of solar panels; therefore, solar panels are prohibited.
  3. Natural gas and electricity are individually metered to each site. Each homeowner must contact Central Hudson (845-452-2700) for service.
  4. Tenants will not use the plumbing facilities of the Demised Premises for any other purpose than that for which they were constructed and will not permit any foreign substance of any kind to be thrown therein and the expense of repairing any breakage, stoppage, seepage or damage, whether occurring on or off the premises, resulting from a violation of this provision by Tenant or Tenant’s employees, agents, guests or invitee, shall be borne by Tenant. All plumbing traps shall be kept clean and operable by Tenant at Tenant’s own cost and expense. Tenant shall use appropriate sink traps to collect hair from entering the sewer system. Violation of this section will void any home warranty provided.
  5. Each resident is responsible for maintaining the light and the timer on the lamp post in the front of their home keeping it lit from dusk to dawn.
  6. Each resident is responsible for maintaining the water and sewer line connections under the home and in keeping their own water and sewer connections from freezing from the ground up. This is accomplished by closing the air vents each winter and keeping the heat at least 60 degrees inside the home. Any damages from frozen pipes will be the responsibility of the resident after the original one-year warranty period.
  7. Management takes water readings twice a year and each resident will be billed for their individual usage as added rent.


  1. Common house (indoor) pets only will be allowed which include small dogs up to 24 pounds maximum and cats. Pets must be licensed and wear identification tags in the event they get loose. A limit of two pets per household (cat and dog) only. If a pet is presently owned which exceeds 24 pounds, it will be only permitted with permission from management. Absolutely no snakes, spiders, chickens, rabbits, reptiles or dogs having or commonly known for vicious or dangerous propensities are permitted.
  2. Any owner of, or any person harboring, any dog or other pet in the Gables community shall not allow such dog to:
    1. Run at large. All pets are to be retrained by an adequate collar and leash;
    2. Engage in habitual loud howling or barking or to conduct itself in such a manner as to habitually annoy any person;
    3. Cause damage or destruction to property or commit a nuisance within the Gables community of a person other than the owner or person harboring such dog;
    4. Chase or otherwise harass any person in such a manner as reasonably to cause intimidation or to put such person in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or injury;
    5. Habitually chase or bark at motor vehicles;
    6. Pets must be curbed only on your home site or in remote areas designated by the management. In no event shall dogs be walked upon the model home or clubhouse sites. All owners, or any person harboring, of dogs shall immediately clean up after their animals and properly dispose of any excrement;
    7. Pets are not permitted to remain tethered or loose outside of the home or on a porch unattended.
  3. Any pet that repeatedly constitutes an annoyance to other residents or management will be denied further occupancy at the Gables.


  1. No firearms are permitted to be discharged on Gables property.


  1. The Gables management reserves the right to impose monetary fines/penalties for any violation of the Rules and Regulations.
  2. In the event that any provision of these Rules and Regulations is violated and the resident fails to sue and/or correct the violation within 10 days after written notification, the Gables management may impose a monetary penalty to cover additional administrative services and expenses, in addition to fees for services rendered to remedy a violation, as follows: First offense, $50.00, Second offense, $100.00, Third and each subsequent offense, $200.00 per occurrence. Notwithstanding the above, the Gables management may impose a fine of $500 per occurrence if the violation poses a danger, in the management’s sole discretion, to safety of others or the homeowners including, but not limited to, outdoor fire pits and trampolines.
  3. All violation assessments shall be applied to the resident’s rent account and shall be deemed added rent.


  1. Insurance Requirements:
    All owners/renters are required to submit a certificate of insurance evidencing the following coverages listing Herb Red LLC and The Gables Inc as certificate Holder: A homeowner’s policy which provides full replacement cost of the home structure as well as personal property owned by the tenant. The policy should also provide at least $300,000 of liability insurance to cover you, your family members, and guests for use of the entire premises and common property. If you do not actually own the home, then a tenant’s policy should be provided with all coverages except the home structure. A certificate should be updated at the expiration date of the policies listed on the certificate 5 days prior to the expiration date. If any policy should be cancelled or non renewed an updated certificate must be provided Immediately.
  2. Indemnification/Hold Harmless:
    It is hereby agreed and understood that the owner/renter will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Herb Redl LLC and The Gables LLC from any claims, injuries, breach of contract or damages the occur out of the use and occupancy of the entire remises and common property other than the gross negligence or misconduct of Herb Redl LLC and/or the Gables LLC.


  1. The Gables management reserves the right to amend and or revise the Rules and Regulations at any time upon 30 days notice.
  2. Rules regarding the recreation and pool area are posted for your safety.
  3. The management of ownership of the Gables will not be responsible for loss or damage caused by accident, fire, theft or act of God to any home or personal property belonging to the resident or their guests.
  4. In the event management initiates legal proceedings for the collection of rent, taxes, added rent, water/sewer charges, repairs or due to any violation of the Lease or Rules and Regulations, the Tenant shall also be liable for any legal fees plus costs and disbursements incurred by management.
  5. Residents are expected to cooperate and abide by management decisions. Residents are not permitted to interfere with, instruct or reprimand employees of management. If a difference of opinion should arise, residents should advise management.
  6. Residents are held responsible for the action of their guests. Residents shall be liable for all damage to property of the Gables caused by the resident, the resident’s family or the resident’s guests.
  7. Homes sustaining substantial damage by fire, wind, snow, or other disaster or Act of God must be repaired in a timely fashion.
  8. Commercial signs are not permitted at the Gables.
  9. Any resident who is hereafter convicted of a felony whether the felony is committed within or without the community may be subject to eviction.
  10. Residents are permitted to invite vendors such as tradesman, delivery man, or suppliers of goods and services to their homes. However, vendors will not be permitted to solicit in the Gables except by permission from management. All authorized vendors will be issued an identification card. Residents are requested to notify management immediately if vendors are attempting to solicit on Gables property without prior identification or permission.
  11. Residents assume all responsibility of any kind associated with their personal property in connection to occupancy.
  12. Management will not be liable for any damage or injury which may be sustained by the resident or any other person, as a consequence of the failure, breakage, leakage, or obstruction of the water, sewer, waste or soil pipes, the electrical or gas systems, or by reason of the elements, or resulting from the carelessness, negligence or improper conduct on the part of any other resident or the resident’s agents, guests, licensees, invitees, assignees or successors or attributable to any interference with, interpretation of, or failure beyond the control of management, or any services to be furnished supplied by the management. Residents are urged to obtain the necessary insurance against these contingencies.
  13. Management will not admit a delivery man into a home in the absence of the owner nor will management accept or hold any delivery for or on behalf of the resident. If a delivery is expected in your absence, please arrange to have it accepted by a neighbor.
  14. Pool or clubhouse memberships are only available to Tenants in good standing with Management for their rent and tax accounts.
  15. Permission for home or lot renovations may be declined if the Tenant’s rent and/or tax account is not in good standing as determined by Management.
  16. Garage sales are only permitted when the community holds its annual garage sale.
  17. As mentioned herein, the terms “resident”, “homeowner” and “tenant” shall mean the owners of the manufactured home and tenants under a lease agreement with Herb Redl LLC.
  18. As mentioned herein, the terms “management” and “Gables” shall mean The Gables, Inc. and Herb Redl LLC.


  1. The manufacturer of your home guarantees it to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year. The warranty booklet you receive at closing will explain your homeowner’s warranty in detail. This only applies to new homes.
  2. The appliances in your home are covered by the appliance manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty registration cards should be completed and submitted to the appliance manufacturer. This only applies to new homes.
  3. A joint inspection of your home will be made with yourself and the service manager before moving in at which time any defects will be recorded. Any service required will be performed as soon as possible thereafter.
  4. Our service personnel have been instructed only to perform work called for on work orders prepared by management. Please do not interfere with our scheduling by making personal requests to our service department and personnel.
  5. Homeowners will receive one (1) full year warranty on all infrastructures (i.e. water, sewer, telephone, gas, and cable lines from the road supplying service to the home site) and roads and common areas. Said one year commences upon the joint inspection date. After one year, homeowners will be responsible for their homes and infrastructures. Management will be responsible for the roads and all common areas for the duration of the Lease. THIS WARRANTY APPLIES TO NEWLY CONSTRUCTED HOME AND THE ORIGINAL OWNERS AND NOT RESALES.
The preceding guidelines have been established in order to create and maintain an enjoyable, harmonious living environment for all residents at the Gables. Such an environment is dependent upon each and every resident to comply with both the letter and the spirit of these guidelines and violations shall be subject to eviction.

Revised 1/2023